Using the House Edge to Choose Your Casino Wagers

    The house edge or casino advantage is a key factor when choosing a casino wager to make. There are so many casino wagers that one can make among all the many games available. With all the many options, a wager's house edge is a major gauge whether you should make it or not. It is interesting to note that a single casino game, like craps for instance, will have bets with different house edges.

    The house edge is the mechanism that insures a casino's profit. This is built into every wager of every game you'll find. With a high house edge, a casino's profit will be greater. Let's say you bet $100 and you win but the casino has a house edge of 2%. Instead of paying you a full $100, you'll only get $98 in winnings due to the house edge.

    This edge also has another use for a casino other than insuring its profits. Players should understand the phenomenon known as the grind. Understanding it makes it clear why one has to choose casino wagers with lower edges. The grind is the natural effect of the casino's advantage as you keep playing.

    If you play the full $100, you will theoretically end up with only $98 due to the house edge. If you decide to keep playing using the $98 you have left, all you have to do is keep taking away 2% of your bankroll until you will have none left. The casino advantage will continue eating up your bankroll in the long run.

    There is nothing you can do about the effects of the house advantage since it is built into every casino wager. Some have purportedly claimed to have found the solution to beat the grind but in reality that has yet to be seen. Your best bet is to choose the casino wagers that have lower house advantages to slow down the grind. That way, your bankroll can last longer to give you a better shot at a big win.

    Other than being picky about the casino wagers you will make, you can also make smaller wagers so only a small portion of your bankroll is at the mercy of the casino advantage. You can also use basic strategy for games that allow player skill like blackjack. One last bit of advice is to leave once you've won something substantial. The longer you play the more you will experience the effects of the grind on your bankroll.

    Those who are smart will choose the casino wagers with the lower casino advantage. Play using basic strategy when you can use it and leave when you've won something substantial.