What are Online Casino Blacklists?

    There are hundreds of online casinos and gambling sites on the Internet to choose from. Sifting out the bad ones from the good ones is sometimes a hard task given the number of choices. One of the tools to help you with this dilemma is an online casino blacklist. This tool will help you stay away from the online casinos that ought to be avoided.

    There are Internet watchdogs that take the time to look for online casinos and review their services. These are independent groups or organizations that work in the interest of concerned players and other individuals or agencies. Take note that no two online casino blacklists are going to be exactly the same. However, if an online casino ends up in one of these blacklists that is reason enough not to create an account with that casino.

    Not every advertisement about an online casino should be taken at face value. That also goes the same for critical comments made in blogs or Internet forums. Online casino blacklists are more credible sources of information. Each casino you see on the list has been evaluated and the reasons for getting it in the list will also be posted.

    There are many reasons why a gambling site would be included in an online casino blacklist. One reason for getting blacklisted is having gaming software that produces devious odds. An online casino's gaming software usually undergoes a periodic audit. Software audits are sometimes conducted on a monthly basis. These audits will test an online casino's software to see if it produces fair winning odds.

    Another reason for a site's name being part of an online casino blacklist is not awarding a player's winnings. Complaints made by current clients of an online casino are often taken into consideration. Measures are taken to find out of customer issues get resolved or not. If a site or operator does not pay a player's winnings then that is a ground for being part of an online casino blacklist.

    Another reason for getting an online casino entered into a blacklist is when that site or online casino doesn't follow their own terms and conditions. Bogus sites are also made part of an online casino blacklists. These bogus sites have fake approval ratings about their software. These forgeries can be detected and will be reported if found, thus that online casino is put in a blacklist.

    Online casino blacklists are important tools to help weed out the bad online gambling sites. A blacklist would show the name of the site and the reasons why it is blacklisted. Make sure you check out these lists if a site seems kind of shady.